New Blog Launches

So…I’ve started a new blog. Yikes! I can’t even keep up with this one lately. But…there it is. It will not replace Divine Graffiti…I’ll still be here talking about the things I talk about, don’t you worry.

Third Culture Shock is my attempt to unravel the mysteries of growing up an American, blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid in another country. I have shied away from dealing with that aspect of my life for a very long time and in the past year, as I come to a newer awareness of who I am, I have had to hit it head on. I used to laugh when I heard about people needing to “find themselves.” I’m not laughing anymore baby.

To continue to stuff down the fact that I’m just a little different than many of my friends is simply self-destructive and to deny that the first 18 years of my life didn’t and haven’t impacted the choices I’ve made and am making is foolish. So, let the therapy begin.

With this separate blog dedicated to the discussion of Third Culture Kids…I’ve opened a “can of worms” as one friend put it. He’s right. But, I have to do it.


The Art of Dying

The art of dying requires a certain finesse. There are prescribed and predicted symptoms that each terminal person may go through, but each of us our own way of ending the journey.

Charlie died less than 2 hours ago. We knew he’d be going soon, but the nurses told us we had hours left. My gut said, it’s time…but we began to talk about taking mom home for an hour or so.

Twenty minutes later, Sue, Fay and I stroked him and talked to him as he took his last breath.

He died well.

He died quietly with no pomp. 

He died with the sunlight and beautiful warm breeze blowing in on him from the open French doors in his room. The nurses had faced his bed to the door and pushed him close to the outdoors.  He hadn’t been outside in weeks…it was perfect.