The Preciousness of Others

Is it the recent crippling snow storms, or the cabin fever of winter, or the general desensitization of the human race that is causing people to be such selfish and inconsiderate idiots this week? Perhaps El Nino is messing with brain function and not just weather patterns.

Monday morning I went out to my truck and found the right front door panel bent and pulling away from the frame…hmmm? Upon closer inspection I noticed a strange “V” shaped pattern of scratches fairly high up on the door…hmmm? Walking around to the front of the truck I see an equally strange scratch pattern on the hood…HHMMM?? As if someone pulled a Bo Duke slide across it. Sometime Sunday evening or overnight, someone damaged my vehicle. Nice..didn’t leave a note or anything. Had they done that, I would have been irritated but not angry. Right now, I’m angry. Mostly because it happened in my driveway while I was home!

I would also like to thank the teenagers who have parties under the trees at the side of the property for leaving their beer cans, cigarette butts and condom wrappers behind. These are clearly the same children who threw a mailbox into my swimming pool a few summers ago and moved my neighbor’s decorative landscape rocks out onto the road. Find somewhere else to go!

And then there’s the kid who continuously picture texted my daughter with scary “ghost” pictures and an accompanying message that said something like “if you don’t send this on I’ll haunt you and kill you too.” Scared her so much each time it popped up…

Don’t people care about the preciousness of others anymore or am I just more keenly aware of it for some reason? I have had some wonderful encounters with humanity this week too, but the idiots ruined the glow for me.

I would like to thank the lab technician at the hospital yesterday for being so gentle with Erin as she drew her blood. I should also thank the gentleman who held the door for me at the pharmacy and the new acquaintance of mine who asked me to go for coffee next week. She has an Aspie too and she’s willing to talk me through some things. Very gracious.

So, this weekend my resolve is to find the goodness around me and try to filter out the idiots. I’ll let you know how it goes!


High Friends in High Places

Woo Hoo! I’m IN!!

One hour in the pediatrician’s office proved to me that my YEARS of working as a pediatric nurse for this particular practice may have paid off in more ways than one.

Background: For fifteen years I worked in a large and growing Pediatric practice. This group specialized in well child care as well as sick child care. We had a little ER and were open each night until all the kids were taken care of. Night after night we’d work until 11:00 or later if we had to, making sure all the sickness and illness….stitches, breathing problems and poop issues were resolved.  This group of physicians also specializes in ADD/ADHD and other behavioral issues (above and beyond the norm for MDs).

My life as a nurse there was wonderful. Nights spent torturing kids with immunizations and breathing treatments. Inserting catheters, IVs, stitches, throat cultures and ear currettes. Giving out stickers, hugs, kisses and cookies. I spent weekends with a beeper on my belt answering calls from parents worried about their sick babies or out of control teenagers. I saw my own patients for Asthma/allergy teaching. Now…I’m being paid back.

One year, I left that office and went to work for a local non-profit outpatient facility called Philhaven. I worked for a wonderful physician treating kids in intensive group therapies if they weren’t able to mainstream into school. I dispensed meds and advice to children with ODD, ADD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, Autism, Asperger’s, aggression and anger. Then I went back to the relative calm of the crazy pediatric clinic/office/home.

Today I took my son to the pediatrician at the above mentioned “office.” I haven’t been on staff there for nearly four years. The doc. I saw was one I worked with many nights. We like each other and respect each other’s clinical skills. This was the man who diagnosed Colin with SID nearly 6 months ago. Since then, his recommendation to a neuropsych resulted in an Asperger’s diagnosis.

For an hour I sat talking with him. Colin was there and happily played with his Hotwheels cars making tracks and trails over doc’s pants, shoes, folders and computer. Doc complied, occupied and laughed with him. (love this man.)  He concurs with the AS diagnosis.

A few weeks ago, he asked me to call a specialist, who also happens to be the psychiatrist I worked with at Philhaven. Apprently this man has recently opened a Center for Autism and Behavioral Disabilities about five minutes from home. I called them (managed to drop that I’d worked for head physician in the past but that didn’t work) and was put on a waiting list. Next POSSIBLE appointment? August, 2010.

I want to go there. Colin NEEDS to go there. I need to go there to find out how best to parent this guy, but August??????  Really?!

So today, pedi doc says…”No meds unless the psych at Philhaven says so.  I don’t think we’ve got ADHD, but maybe, maybe some anti-anxiety meds will help with school.”

I say: “But I’ve got to wait until August, cause Psychiatrist (name omitted) has this waiting list. I was hoping that because he knew me and I worked with him, that someone would be impressed and I’d have an ‘in.’ ”

Him: “You have an IN with me, girl. This boy needs help now and so do you. I’ll call Mike today and you’ll have an appointment so fast!”


High friends in High Places.

Children Of the Dump

Today I got an email through Facebook from an old friend that I grew up with in Hong Kong. He’s someone that I have often thought of but I haven’t seen or spoken to in nearly twenty years. I knew he’d be involved in helping others; something we both learned by watching our parents work as missionaries in Hong Kong.

He turned me on to a project of his; personally and professionally. 

After watching the clip he sent, I am again reminded how easy my life is.  How do I sit around in my comfy chair, making money and eating fat food while beautiful people live in a place constructed out of the things others threw away?

This isn’t a new thought for me, nor is it foreign for me to help others.  But, it is so easy to get sucked in to the materialistic American dream and wish for the stars that will benefit me the most.  I showed the clip to Andy and he too was moved. I forgot to mention to him that watching this made me want to sell my huge house and move somewhere cheap so all my money, energy and resources could be put into making the lives of children in this world a little more tolerable.

Not far away from the homes of the children living in this dump are resorts, gourmet restaurants, beaches and relaxation. Do any of these children know that life?  How dare we sit around and whine that we don’t have enough?

I want to thank Derek Williams for sharing this with me. I hope he don’t mind that I share it with you.

Check out this clip: