Divine Poetry

You’re a free spirit
And selfishly I tried to claim you
And tame you.
For awhile I had you~~
But with so much struggle
That I was happy–so happy for you
When I finally loved you enough to let you go.

But now, months later–still it hurts.
And watching you with others
The way you used to be
With me…
And wanting you back makes me cry.

But, you’re happy and that makes me glad.
And so my love must stay
Silently in my mind
And the words I long to say
Stay burning on my lips.

march 25, 1987


When you said that it was over
And I was not for you…
When the final word was spoken
And my heart was torn in two…
All the laughter and the sadness
Flashed before my eyes…
The foolish, tender kisses,
The many futile tries.

Then the flowers started wilting,
The hornets ceased to hum…
All majesty and beauty
Fell silent and was dumb.

The mountains and the valleys
Melted into one.
And then I felt, my darling,
That it was finally done.

The birds all stopped their singing,
The water lilies died.
The sunshine turned to moonshine…
…and then…
The river cried.

July 16, 1987

I thought a small thought…
so small that I almost missed it

how you had sat so comfortably in our love
so secure…

and how I had been thrown
into your lap, never quite settled
so that you were no longer comfortable and you

onto the floor so that I could stop!

july 4, 1988


I don’t think of you much except to wonder where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing~~~

I don’t dream about you much except to wish myself into your arms and imagine a sandy shore complete with our footprints fading off toward the end of dreamscape~~~

I don’t miss you much except when I’m alone by myself and thinking how it would be if you were occupying the place by my side…or…when everyone is around and laughing I wonder how your laughter would blend with mine~~~

I don’t think of you much…except all the time.

I don’t miss you much…except when I think of you.

I don’t dream of you much…except when I miss you.

Oct. 24, 1988



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