Growing Pains

Eight months? Seriously? Wow! I know I’ve said this before, but I really can’t believe I’ve taken so many months away from this little lovely blog. For so long writing was my therapy…and the only reason I stopped, honestly, was that so much of what I wanted to write would come out in jumbles and total ADD jargon. I’ll always admit to the fact that my mouth works faster than my brain and I say stuff unfiltered most of the time. But, in my writing I am free to edit and I haven’t wanted to edit much of what I thought lately I guess.

It’s been an interesting time of change for sure! Change often hurts, but we grow through pain and I’ve committed myself to a path of personal improvement in spite of hurt and irregardless of happiness. Emotions are wonderful things…but they can’t make decisions for you.

Maybe it’s because the warmer weather is slowly (way too slowly) working it’s way in…I’m a total summertime chicka…but a few days ago I felt my writing fairy tug on my sleeve a little. I was sitting at a ball park watching tiki tiki play a great game of baseball…and realized that the little fairy was buzzing very loudly in my ear. I love watching baseball…I don’t get tired of it. I also love watching Liam on the field…on the bench…anywhere near the field. He’s part of something really fun and really cool and he loves it. The excitement that he gets preparing for a game and the total meltdown that happens if he feels he didn’t do well afterwards are all so raw and real. We could all learn from him I think. As adults we’ve somehow learned to put on the “right” face instead of allowing ourselves the pleasure of just honestly feeling and letting go of both the good and bad so we can move on.

Colin is learning how to show his feelings too. Unlike Liam, who wears his heart on his sleeve, Colin has to be taught how to express those things. He has to be taught the words for the way he’s feeling. He can’t identify emotions the way others do…but he’s learning. This week (thanks to weeks of Social Skills therapy) he has been doling out hugs and ” I Love Yous” quite a bit. However….he announces them first. “Mommy…I’m going to come hug you and tell you I love you.” Then he sorta pats me on the back. Whatever! I’ll take it!!! Melts me. Sometimes it’s nice to know I’m more important at that moment than the plane, train or car he’s currently obsessing with.

This week, I finalized within myself the ability to not care too much what other people think of me. Not that I’m going to go do whatever I want no matter who gets hurt. Not at all. Just not going to worry about what I might imagine someone else’s opinion of me are. I had the privilege of hearing Darren Hardy speak last month. I took a lot of what he said away with me and slowly incorporate it into my daily activities. Most importantly he taught me not to be afriad of what other people will think. If they aren’t going to cry at my funeral…then they aren’t anyone to be afraid of.

In the meantime…I can’t wait for a fabulously fun summer! I’ll continue to foster my mild crush on Rob Thomas and keep dancing like a nut in my kitchen at night!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

At 3:00 a.m. yesterday, my middle child turned 8 years old. Although she didn’t feel it happen, a new year officially began in her life. When I saw her at the top of the stairs in the morning, she groggily said that she felt bigger…I told her she looked bigger.

I am amazed again at these little people in my life who aren’t so little most of the time anymore. Sometime ago they began to develop into creatures with opinions and personalities. Often these opinions are in direct opposition to mine and we have to learn to play fair together. That ain’t always easy on Mommy.

Spring also heralds the ball season at our house. Liam eats, sleeps and breathes baseball. He’s going to the college of his choice on a baseball scholarship. His best friend is going to have a football scholarship. Their proud parents are counting on that! But, first we must get through another season of Little League in the Conestoga Valley School District where only the best play! First night of practice is over; game season starts soon. I can’t wait! I love watching baseball games outside in the summertime. Cheering, screaming, hiding my eyes and silently cursing on occasion are all part of the deal. I have to learn to play fair with the other mommies, which ain’t always easy either. But, by the time we hit the majors, I’ll have all those kinks worked out.

We’d welcome any friends, family or fans to join us some Saturday for a great game of baseball! I’ll be posting updates on stats as we go along, so you’ll just have to bear with me. We’re playing for the Pirates again this year at the Minors level. Liam is pitching and catching and loving every minute of it!

Swing batter, batter!!!!