Flight of Ideas

Well….typical ADHD day for me….brain flits from this to that and then finds a shiny thing to watch for a few seconds.

I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD about four months ago…which caused my mother to say…”Well, THAT explains everything!”.


Here’s today’s flighty recap:

“Mom, mom…..Mommy!!!!! Mom, mom…..mom…do you hear me? MOM!!!!!”

Son #1 managed to get through another day of 7th grade without a girlfriend (thank god!) and kick ass in a baseball game.

Daughter #2 managed to get through another day of 5th grade with Maximum attitude…resulting in a few disciplanary actions…..

Son # 2…see Colin Speaks

Hubby? Well, I don’t want to know that he’s in 90 degree weather (and I don’t care how much time he spent inside)….

Daughter #1 I imagine is doing okay since she hasn’t asked for anything lately or wandered into more trouble than she can handle.

Life as a relatively single Mom with crazy schedules and Asperger’s needs gets tough sometimes.
But…it’s good…it’s ALL good…or at least it wil be when it all pays off.

And tomorrow, I cap off or begin (however you want to look at it) my 40 lb weight loss with the beginning of a crazy, insane home workout….

I’ll let you know if I’m alive on Sunday, K?


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  1. autismmommytherapist
    May 26, 2010 @ 13:21:28

    Hi, I’m Kim, a.k.a. autismmommytherapist. I’ve been googling some sites, found yours, then saw you’ve listed my blog. Thank you! When I figure out how to do a blogroll on WordPress, I will reciprocate. Am curious as to how you found mine…

    I’m doing something new on my blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays I’m selecting a topic, i.e. “3 things you wish your pediatrician had told you on diagnosis day”, and am soliciting those 3 things from various autism moms and dads, as well as from parents of children with other disabilities.

    On Thursdays I’m posting “guest blogs” from other bloggers which will hopefully match the Tuesday theme (we’ll see how ambitious I get). On either the Tuesday or Thursday spot you may choose to remain anonymous, or I can post your name/website/blogsite/business. Let me know if either opportunity interests you.

    If not, now that I’ve found your blog I’ll be visiting, and thanks for listing mine!



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