Say it isn’t Snow!

I am looking out my big kitchen window at what remains of two snow storms that hit Lancaster and surrounding counties nearly two weeks ago. The pictures are from the first snow storm that wandered through Super Bowl weekend…four days later we added another 14″…all in all 37″ here at my compound. Grass is starting to reappear, my driveway can now hold two cars side by side again and some of the boxwoods are showing their tops. A balmy 42 degrees according to the thermometer on the porch…a regular heat wave!

However…this will not last long. Andy’s obsession with the weather channel has seeped over into my life lately and according to those guys I will have up to 12″ of new snow by this time tomorrow. How lovely…how pretty…how flippin’ annoying!!

The icing on this snow cake is that, once again, I will be here alone with the young and the elderly. Andy managed to be in Oregon and California during the last two storms. I fought with the snowblower (and the two teenage boys that somehow are always here) and the wind. My bruises are still covering one leg.

My husband was delayed coming home by two days and my dearest friend and I took those two teenage boys to the airport to dig out his car. Today he left, a day early, for Iowa and North Dakota in order to avoid getting snowed in here at home. I’ll take a little pleasure in knowing that he’s somewhere “freakin’ cold”, as he put it, instead of Malibu like the last time. And…very happy to know that he took a shovel to Harrisburg with him! So…we’re off duty on that end.

I do want to thank Andy, though…he bought me all the milk, toilet paper, dog food, wine and snacks that we’ll need. He made sure I have enough heating oil. There’s gas in the snowblower and the shovels are at the ready.

We’ll manage though…we always do. Still, I’d give anything to be able to park my car INSIDE the garage instead of having to dig it out of a snow drift. Or better yet, live in Hawaii, which is the one state in the union without snow this month.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 17:25:44

    GEORGIA honey!!! 😎


  2. asdmommy
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 23:13:15

    I know, we all complain with what we’ve got, but I’d love some snow about now! I’m missing my home state of Colorado! It was 78 last week here. Sheesh. Doesn’t Arizona know it’s February?

    Beautiful pictures though. Even though you have to shovel it…


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