It’s Our Fault They’re Here

Do we as grown ups know the power we have over the children in our lives? Not just our own..all of them…they run in packs.

I sat back last night and watched my youngest daughter get giddy, silly and crazy with an equally hyper ten-yr-old girl. As I watched them, I flashed back to my childhood. I was class clown, hyper, silly, whacky and fun. No “diva” in me…just total fun. These two babes embodied me and my friends “back in the day.”

Watched my teenage son and his best bud at the Globetrotters game. Torn between having fun at a crazy show and texting their friends and girlfriends. The show won out but that won’t last forever. I’m grateful he has a best friend that I trust and love. Grateful that both of them still tell me everything…how long will that last. I never told my mom anything…i guess I’m “cool.”

I sat with my little baby on my lap. Not so little. He stroked my cheek, rubbed my leg, made strange noises, took a walk, flew his airplanes and flapped his arms….but he liked the farting noises the globetrotters made.

All in all it was a fun nite. Successfully entertained multiple age groups….managed to get through the evening without a meltdown…had fun watching trick basketball…

Maybe we made some memories for them.

Either way…they live because we do…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Shivon
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 14:40:20

    this put such a big smile on my face! Thank you!


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