Forgotten Stories

I am taking a break from my usual blog topics to introduce you to a cause that is important to me. Tens of thousands of children around the world live in extreme poverty. Right now, this week, in the wake of Haitian devestation and the images of death and despair that we are shaken by, the fate of children living in extreme poverty is tugging at my heart.

Forgotten Stories is a newly formed company with a passion for those children who feel forgotten by the world and a desire to show them love. Co-founded by an old, dear friend of mine, Derek Williams, Forgotten Stories is currently running a campaign to clothe as many children as possible with your help. (Derek is an old friend only ’cause we’ve known each other since diapers, not “old” since we’re both shy of forty. Sorry, dude, didn’t mean to offend.)

The Forgotten Stories website has a new shop with very cool T-shirts for men and women, men’s Polo shirts and cargo pants. This newly launched clothing line is part of the One for One Campaign. With the purchase of any shirt for yourself, Forgotten Stories will donate an article of clothing to a child in need. AND, with a purchase by January 31st, a $5.00 donation will be made to the American Red Cross for use towards Haitian relief.

I hope many of my bloggy friends will visit their site, listen to the stories, watch the videos and decide for yourselves if you can help. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I bought my first three T-shirts last night! I’d urge you to do the same.


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