Better Living Through Chemistry?

Colin began taking a stimulant medication two weeks ago. On the advice of his psychiatrist and pediatrician, we agreed to try giving him a low dose of amphetamine each morning in an attempt to control the impulsivity that comes along with Asperger’s. We started it over Christmas break so that any adverse effects would happen here at home and not at school.

So far, so good…I think.

Feedback from his teacher and aide last week seemed positive. Colin’s biggest “issue” at school is his constant need to touch people. Rub them, flick them, make faces at them, hug them. An intense need for tactile stimulation means he’ll go get it wherever he can and he loves the feeling of another human being. This week, he was able to stay in his space better and needed less re-direction. Less stimming by touching people, although his little squeeze ball was in constant use. No behavior issues with other kids that required a “talk with Mrs. G.” after school. All good stuff, in my opinion!

Feedback at home is mixed in nature. Mixed up in my thoughts anyway.

Yes, he’s less impulsive. He’s not jumping over furniture or smacking into his brother. Less time spent arguing when asked to do something and more time sitting quietly. Only one tantrum per day instead of four or five. He’s sleeping well, staying dry at night suddenly and focusing on the task at hand a bit more.

But here’s my conflict: I miss some of those impulsive moves. Particularly one. The one where he touches me all the time. Prior to taking meds, he’d exhaust me with hugs and kisses. Frequently, he’d stop what he was doing just to come rub my arm or cling to my leg. Certain clothing I wear illicits more of this touching and I’d get so tired of it! How many moms have to say “Only one more hug before supper allowed.” How wierd is that?

Now, I’m lucky if I get two or three spontaneous hugs per day. Is that better? I’m not so sure.

So, this weekend I decided not to medicate him. I got tons of hugs, loving kisses, back rubs, arm rubs and leg pulls. I also got lots of wierd noises, couch jumping and spinning in circles. That’s okay…I’ll take it if it means I get my dose of touch for the week.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shivon
    Jan 10, 2010 @ 21:40:39

    I needed to read this today. Diego has VERY similar sensory issues as Colin, and meds have been recently mentioned. Im scared and don’t know what to expect *sigh* Thank you


  2. Corrie
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 20:39:07

    I was the same way when Jonathan started taking meds. Who thought I’d miss the hyperactivity? Well, I do and I don’t. I miss Tigger but not the heard of wild elephants. 😉


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