Piggyback Repost

Here’s a repost to piggy-back-ride my post from yesterday. Originally posted in July 2008.

I’m serious people.

Today I got an email through Facebook from an old friend that I grew up with in Hong Kong. He’s someone that I have often thought of but I haven’t seen or spoken to in nearly twenty years. I knew he’d be involved in helping others; something we both learned by watching our parents work as missionaries in Hong Kong.

He turned me on to a project of his; personally and professionally.

After watching the clip he sent, I am again reminded how easy my life is. How do I sit around in my comfy chair, making money and eating fat food while beautiful people live in a place constructed out of the things others threw away?

This isn’t a new thought for me, nor is it foreign for me to help others. But, it is so easy to get sucked in to the materialistic American dream and wish for the stars that will benefit me the most. I showed the clip to Andy and he too was moved. I forgot to mention to him that watching this made me want to sell my huge house and move somewhere cheap so all my money, energy and resources could be put into making the lives of children in this world a little more tolerable.

Not far away from the homes of the children living in this dump are resorts, gourmet restaurants, beaches and relaxation. Do any of these children know that life? How dare we sit around and whine that we don’t have enough?

I want to thank Derek Williams for sharing this with me. I hope he don’t mind that I share it with you.

Check out this clip:



Forgotten Stories

I am taking a break from my usual blog topics to introduce you to a cause that is important to me. Tens of thousands of children around the world live in extreme poverty. Right now, this week, in the wake of Haitian devestation and the images of death and despair that we are shaken by, the fate of children living in extreme poverty is tugging at my heart.

Forgotten Stories is a newly formed company with a passion for those children who feel forgotten by the world and a desire to show them love. Co-founded by an old, dear friend of mine, Derek Williams, Forgotten Stories is currently running a campaign to clothe as many children as possible with your help. (Derek is an old friend only ’cause we’ve known each other since diapers, not “old” since we’re both shy of forty. Sorry, dude, didn’t mean to offend.)

The Forgotten Stories website has a new shop with very cool T-shirts for men and women, men’s Polo shirts and cargo pants. This newly launched clothing line is part of the One for One Campaign. With the purchase of any shirt for yourself, Forgotten Stories will donate an article of clothing to a child in need. AND, with a purchase by January 31st, a $5.00 donation will be made to the American Red Cross for use towards Haitian relief.

I hope many of my bloggy friends will visit their site, listen to the stories, watch the videos and decide for yourselves if you can help. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I bought my first three T-shirts last night! I’d urge you to do the same.

I Understand You Perfectly!!!

Somewhere in my past I got the idea that I must be perfect. As a mother, I should know instinctively what my children are thinking and feeling. Or rather, that they should be just like me so that I would always know what’s going on in their little worlds. Thank God that’s not true…I’d hate to see little clones of myself…however, I’d like a little more intuition when it comes to the Asperger’s nature of my child. Please?

I shoulda known that he’d have a little meltdown yesterday. I just didn’t realize that he’d smack me over the head with insight again. I hate it when that happens. Makes me feel like a teeny tiny Mommy. He wanted to play a Wii game…fine. Wii on? Check. TV on? Check. Wii game inserted? Check. Anything working? NOPE. Just a frozen image, 47″ wide, staring back at us from the screen.

Him: “Mom, it’s frozen again.”

Me: “Great…just great.” (Frustration sets in cause I know now that a tantrum is coming if this isn’t going to work. Not in the planned agenda…tears soon to follow. And I am not in the best of moods myself.)

Him: “I’ll just wait a little and see if it starts.”

Me: “It’s stuck. It’s not going to work.”

Stupid me reaches over and ejects the disc from the Wii. Pushes the power button. Won’t turn off, won’t do anything. Crap!

Him: “AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!” (I actually winced before he did it, i knew it was coming.) “WHY did you take it out? Why? Why? You broke it!!! Put it back.”

Me: “No, it’s not working. This stupid disc froze the whole machine and we’ll have to wait until Dad gets home to fix it.”

Him: Sob, gasp, Sob, wail “NO! I can fix it! Just put it back in the Wii and I’ll fix it. I know how to do it!!”

Me: “No you don’t buddy. Last time this happened we had to wait for Dad.” (Trying to stuff down the frustrated voice is not working.)

Him: Sob gasp Sob Wail! Tears are flowing, he’s spinning in circles. “No, I can! I can! I can!”

Me: “No, you can’t. Just stop crying and find something else to do! Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s broken right now and you can’t fix it!!!”(Clearly frustrated now, no guessing there.)

Silence except for a few sniffles and occasional sob. Like a switch went off in his brain.
He calmly looks at me (well, at my chin since he can’t stand the eye contact for long).

Deep breath. Shakes the head real fast to shake off the tantrum.

Him: “I understand you perfectly! I just don’t know how to get you to understand me!”

Wow. Bam, right there on the forehead. Smack!

I’m trying little man, really I am. I understand you perfectly now.

Super Sticky Note Tuesday

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Better Living Through Chemistry?

Colin began taking a stimulant medication two weeks ago. On the advice of his psychiatrist and pediatrician, we agreed to try giving him a low dose of amphetamine each morning in an attempt to control the impulsivity that comes along with Asperger’s. We started it over Christmas break so that any adverse effects would happen here at home and not at school.

So far, so good…I think.

Feedback from his teacher and aide last week seemed positive. Colin’s biggest “issue” at school is his constant need to touch people. Rub them, flick them, make faces at them, hug them. An intense need for tactile stimulation means he’ll go get it wherever he can and he loves the feeling of another human being. This week, he was able to stay in his space better and needed less re-direction. Less stimming by touching people, although his little squeeze ball was in constant use. No behavior issues with other kids that required a “talk with Mrs. G.” after school. All good stuff, in my opinion!

Feedback at home is mixed in nature. Mixed up in my thoughts anyway.

Yes, he’s less impulsive. He’s not jumping over furniture or smacking into his brother. Less time spent arguing when asked to do something and more time sitting quietly. Only one tantrum per day instead of four or five. He’s sleeping well, staying dry at night suddenly and focusing on the task at hand a bit more.

But here’s my conflict: I miss some of those impulsive moves. Particularly one. The one where he touches me all the time. Prior to taking meds, he’d exhaust me with hugs and kisses. Frequently, he’d stop what he was doing just to come rub my arm or cling to my leg. Certain clothing I wear illicits more of this touching and I’d get so tired of it! How many moms have to say “Only one more hug before supper allowed.” How wierd is that?

Now, I’m lucky if I get two or three spontaneous hugs per day. Is that better? I’m not so sure.

So, this weekend I decided not to medicate him. I got tons of hugs, loving kisses, back rubs, arm rubs and leg pulls. I also got lots of wierd noises, couch jumping and spinning in circles. That’s okay…I’ll take it if it means I get my dose of touch for the week.