96 Mazes in 45 Minutes

Yesterday was chaos in our house. Andy and a friend of ours (who shall remain nameless to protect his identity but will forever be my new BFF) begain tearing out and replacing windows in our house. This Old House, 80 years old or so, had all it’s original windows. Full of character, individual window panes, three large bay windows…also full of holes, rot and uninvited bugs…the windows HAD to go!! This place is freezing in the winter and so HOT in the summer. The kids who live upstairs in the dormers tell me their rooms are habitable, “weather permitting.”  So Andy spent the day with BFF tearing out and replacing as many windows as daylight allowed.  (Ten down…eighteen to go).

Liam and Erin had back-to-back basketball games after lunch. I’d been preparing Colin for a couple of days for the newly begun basketball season. Last year, he went to all the games but spent each hour with his hands over his ears in fear of the buzzers and ref. whistles.  After a few weeks, he figured out how to watch the digital time countdown each quarter so that he’d know when to put his hands over his ears for the buzzers but the whistles are unpredictable.  As soon as we’d pull in the parking lot, his hands were cemented to his little ears. One time I brought Smarties (his favorite candy) along to a game to try to coax his hands off his ears. Instead, he lined the Smarties up on the bleacher in front of him, covered his ears with his hands and bobbed his head up and down picking up each Smartie with his tongue!

So…he opted out of going to the first game.  I left and he stayed home with Daddy and BFF…and hours of television to keep him company.

Erin played great! Didn’t win the game, but was very close.  Dashing home to drop her off before heading on to Liam’s game I (literally) ran into Colin in the living room.  By now, he’d probably watched five hours of TV or so (all the while running his trains in circles in the living room.) I can’t blame Daddy for letting the TV babysit…after all, he had windows to put in and I was gone.  But, this kid was bored!!! 

“I’m Really Tired Out” he said. Code for “I don’t know what to do.”

ME: “Do you want to go to Liam’s game?”
HIM: “Sure…I’ll go. Can I take a snack?”
ME:…”Um, yes. But there will be whistles and buzzers.”
HIM: “That’s okay. I’m really tired out.”

So, boredom conquered fear and off we went. He did really well at the game, too. Only freaked out once! Not bad. And Liam’s team won, so Colin proudly ran onto the court and interrupted the victory huddle to give his proud teenage brother a hug.  Liam, in all his graciousness, high-fived and hugged back in front of his whole team.

Once we got home, Colin couldn’t figure out what to do with himself. Typical weekend non-ritual hyperactivity. If only there was school 7 days a week, then he’d know what to do with himself. That schedule makes sense. Sleeping in, lounging around, lolly-gagging and generally being lazy don’t compute in his little Aspie brain. What??? What???

About 5:00, he bounced (yes, bounced. Not much walking…usually running, bouncing, crawling or slithering to get from place to place) into the kitchen. Sat down at the island and announced, “I’m BORED.”   First time ever he had voiced that feeling.

I knew what he wanted. Soemthing to do that he really liked to do. I said, “Okay…(sigh)…I have a surprise for you.” Walked back to the hiding place in my closet where all Christmas presents are stored. Opened the Target bag and took it out. It was supposed to be a gift under the tree, but since I’ve gone through five of these things in the last month, I figured I’d have to give this one up before Christmas. Walked back to the kitchen with surprise hidden behind my back. Popped it out and showed Colin.

“OOOOHHHHH!!!!!! AAHHHHHH!!!!!” Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Squeal!!

A book of mazes. 96 Full color mazes. Ages 6-8.  Hours of entertainment for your school age child!

Colin opened to page one. Smashed down the center so it would lay flat. “Light up Pen”  in hand…ready, set, go!!!!

Half hour later he put a bookmark in the place he stopped so that he could finish after supper. The minute his supper (which he didn’t eat) was over, right back to the book.

Finished it in less than 45 minutes. Hours of entertainment….my ass!!! PFFFTTT. False advertising! I want my money back! 96 Mazes for kids older than him finished in less than 45 minutes.

He’s whined all day today for another maze book. If I don’t make it out to find one tomorrow, I’m in deep, deep DOO DOO when I pick him up from school. Trouble is, they don’t make too many maze books for kids.

Maybe I’ll start a benefit drive…locate mazes for me please at all costs!  Top dollar paid for mazes!  Maybe I’ll have to learn to draw mazes, (yikes!).

It’s truly one thing that he loves and loves and loves to do. I’ll go crazy, I’m sure, finding mazes that challenge him as he grows older.

But I’m going to laugh out loud and cheer and pump my fists when he lands a job as an architect, city planner, math teacher or neuropsycholgist. Now those are some jobs with mazes to figure out, babe.


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  1. Shivon
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 22:47:28

    I laugh out loud every time D lines up his gummy snacks before he eats them!! Maybe you can find some mazes online and print a book?? Just in case you aren’t able to find any in the stores??


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