English is a fantastic language.

I have always had a penchant for words. Spelling, reading and writing are exercises I enjoy very much. The Sunday News includes the NY Times crossword and I’m happy for that…otherwise I’d spend up to $10 a month for real news and awesome crossword puzzles.

I must confess to watching the Scripp’s Spelling Bee on TV yesterday. Given the chance, I would have loved to have competed in that competition as a young student. One young girl…who ultimately won…spelled words on her hand while she spoke the spelling out loud. Makes total sense to me. How do you see a word in your head?? It must be written before it can be spoken.

Colin has his own little language. When excited, he combines Spanish and English and Colinese. There is cadence and rhythm to what he’s saying, but none of it makes sense to the naked ear. Words that he has made up are repeated over and over and to him there is a definition, but not to me.

Many months ago he declared “Liam…You’re a MUDSLAM!”

Initially we thought he was calling his brother a Muslim…say “mudslam” 4 times fast and you’ll understand why.  Liam…you’re a mudslam!  POW!  

Blowing bubbles with him yesterday he got so excited with the big bubbles that I made…..

“WOW! Google bam monkey pop!”

Last night Andy gave him the ritual daddy bath. While drying him off, Colin declared daddy a “Goofbagel!!”

Those words wouldn’t show up when he’s ready for Scripps.

So what, you Stinky Poopy Head Bergel Boppy Gop Merkel!!!


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