Fun With Food

How to eat a cinnamon bagel:

Toast it on the number 31/2 setting (not 3 or 4) and wait for the “pop!” when it’s ready. Lather with cream cheese. Cut each half into 4 equal pieces. Eat all the cream cheese off the top with your index finger. Let it sit on the counter because Sponge Bob is on in the living room.

Now he won’t eat it because it smells cold. 

The child’s sense of smell has been guiding his decisions this week.  He has to smell it before he eats it (or wears it). White rice smells great and therefore tastes good. Cinnamon bagel smells cold, so can’t be finished.

One of our challenges with Colin is meal time. Since food is not his motivator, mealtimes are not always a pleasant experience for him. He’ll complain of being “really hungry” but eat two bites and is “so full.”  I don’t think he recognizes that his belly ache could be fixed if he’d eat.  Since he probably doesn’t taste food the same way we do, meals don’t matter too much.  He would also prefer to eat everything with his fingers so that he can feel the food on the way to his lips and that doesn’t always work out! I’m going to start using Julia Seinfeld’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. See if I can’t sneak some summer squash into that mac and cheese. Hopefully it won’t smell bad.

He LOVES chocolate milk. But…only the Extreme Chocolate milk from “the store called Giant”. Hershey’s syrup in white milk doesn’t pass the test, neither does powdered chocolate. We went to dinner at a local restaurant and he ordered chocolate milk. One taste and he could tell they used syrup. He wouldn’t drink it.

On the short list of things to eat are:
Mac and Cheese (Kraft or homemade). Hot dogs. Noodles. Bagels. Rice Krispies or Cheerios. Cracker, chips…tortilla chips preferably (we call them torties). Peaches. Pears. Green apples, sometimes with peanut butter. Jelly sandwhiches. And Danimals strawberry drinkable yogurt. Lots and lots and lots of Danimals.

The doctor said he’s healthy even though his weight is that of a 3 year old and for the first time ever, he’s made it onto the percentile chart!

I’ll take his word for it.


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