Being Church

Seven years ago, Andy and I, along with Todd and Twila Shertzer attempted to start a life group aimed at reaching people who otherwise wouldn’t step foot over the threshold of a holy place.  So many of our neighbors wanted to go to church but felt that they would be judged or preached to. Many had childhood experiences of church that left the bad flavor of brimstone in their throats.

Our timing was off.

No one is good enough to step foot into a church. None of us earned the right to show up and worship. Grace gave us the opportunity and love gave us the key.

When we finally decide to let go of our need to save souls and concentrate on loving people in our world then Jesus will show up in ways we have not imagined.

Problem is…we might get real. Our flaws and idiocies will be exposed. Our addictions and failures will come out. Our pride will be crushed and humility is mighty hard to live with. After all, we’re Christians, we’re perfect and we’ve got to show others the way to the truth, right?

Let’s not forget that each of us is only ONE person and each other person we touch values us only for what we bring to them and for what they can give us. It is not our job to save souls for Christ. It is our job to fully engage our lives and our neighbors no matter what religion they subscribe to. And hopefully, in that, they will see how Jesus lived and want to know more about him.

It’s hard. It’s long. It’s painful. It’s real.

It’s good.


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