Mothers, Daughters and Tea

Someone I have never met allowed me to have a great Valentine’s Day. Erin and I were invited to a Mother/Daughter tea with three of her friends and their mothers. I knew two of these women, but not the host. I am so grateful to her for inviting us and allowing me to relax for awhile in the comfort of other women. Even if four of them were 9 years old.

I am blessed to have such a beautiful girl in my home. Erin is growing and learning so much about life. Watching her today with her close friends gave me a new perspective on her life outside of my four walls. It’s obvious that her friends love her and know her pretty well.

I am also blessed to be able to learn to know her friend’s mothers. Liam’s friend’s moms have been in my life for a long time. I made more of an effort to learn to know them earlier on and somehow I forgot to pay attention to the other women in Erin’s life. I trust her to spend the night in their homes and go to their parties, but I haven’t made the effort to know them myself. That is changing and I am very glad!

So, thanks so much to Melissa and Maddy! We had a precious time. More than you’ll ever know.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!