What the heck is Figgy Pudding?

That was the question in our house last night when we were finally adding ornaments to our little tree.

Christmas is coming and I am SO NOT in the mood. It almost feels like an intrusion. I am so focused right now on so many other things, that I can’t find the spirit or desire. Cookie baking feels like a chore (which I am solidly putting off) and shopping is just ridiculous. I don’t even feel like reading about the deeper and real meaning of the season…I just don’t.

Vent over for now. We are just finding it hard to concentrate on anything except today. Andy’s mom and dad continue to be a source of frustration in our lives. We want to do the right thing and help them as much as possible. But, we feel like we are sacrificing too much of ourselves to do it. It’s not working. At least, it’s not working the way we hoped it would.

Ach vell.

Pass the figgy.


Death and All His Friends

My dad says it isn’t worth clicking through to my blog ’cause I don’t add new stuff. True for the last few months. But, now I am committing to trying to add a blurb every day, so PPPFFFTTT!!! dad.

Today is Friday, and I am sitting on my comfy couch, basking in my cozy fireplace warmth. I’ll recap what is going through my brain. It might explain the ADD aspect of my posts. (Yes, I take my meds twice a day, but it doesn’t always help.)

  • My youngest son went to his first birthday party today. THANKS, JOSH MULLEN!!  He was  excited watching the clock. “When the big hand gets to ten and the little hand is nearly at eleven, then we’ll go.”  His savant side won out though. On the way over, he noticed the wrapping paper said “Happy B-Day” and his distress began. “Mommy, it is missing the ‘birth’ part of the word! We can’t use this!’ ” He was also insistent that the GPS show him when we got to Josh’s street so that he was sure I knew where to go.


  • My best friend is going to spend the weekend in Atlantic City and I’m jealous. I am giving her the $100 commission I owe her fom my eBay store so she can gamble her life away. I’m jealous of that too.


  • My oldest son is trying out swear words. Twelve year olds like to taste them in their mouths I think. So he is talking about ASSSparagus and ASSSpergers and scratching his nose with his middle finger and giggling a lot. It’s pretty funny that he thinks he invented this stuff. I’ve got him so beat on those tricks, baby!!!


  • VIVA LA VIDA has been my favorite song since summer. Otherwise known as “Death and All His Friends”. I love Coldplay’s talent and musical compositions. Great arguments could be made that these are religous blokes (kinda like U2 is religious).  Tonight there is controversy that Coldplay plagerised the music for VLV from Joe Satriana’s “If I could Fly.”  Whatever.  JS is a great musician…I have an album or two. But, that is all he did. If Coldplay did plagerize, then they improved on a great song and made it better.

             If I was to sit an analyze the lyrics for Viva La Vida….I’d say it was written from the viewpoint of John the Baptist. Watch the video sometime. Lead singer has a giant red “V” painted on his side as though he’s bleeding. There’s an awful lot of symbolism in most of their songs.  I just wish they’d come out and own it.    I’ll try and add the video on the sidebar.