Politics Schmolotics

Okay, I’m still sick of the whole thing. Scroll down for my Alexander post for the back story. I’m truly tired of looking at their faces.

I watched some of the debate between the Senators the other night and I was left wondering how anyone can determine a winner in these things? It often seems so childish and stunted. I mean, I get the need for Lehr to moderate or they’d be smashing each other with folding chairs, but let them talk for awhile without a buzzer going off! I’d just love to see the candidates actually sit and have an adult conversation/debate/argument/discussion across a pub table with a plate of fries and a coupla beers. If they can’t pull that off without resorting to rudeness, then neither of them get to run for Prez. and we’re back to the beginning again! Frankly, I’d like an adult mature person in the White House.

I make pro and con lists for everything, so I’ve made them for the candidates and their running mates. None of it is deep or philosophical and none of it has much to do with their policies.
First Black man to get a majority nomination for President. What an accomplishment! This guy has tenacity and fight in him. Obama is eloquent, confident and pretty darn good looking too! He wraps you around his little finger and makes you want to listen to him. He has a way of wooing people into trusting him. He says so many of the right things at a time when American people need all the hope they can get. His biggest PRO is that he is SO NOT GEORGE BUSH!! (I remember feeling like the total outsider in my church when I didn’t vote for Bush and now I have to say PFFTT!! to that.) Biden’s not too bad on the family responsibility end of things either.
I know nothing about Biden except that he’s fairly wealthy and doesn’t like to donate his money too much. Obama’s biggest con in my book is that he has a way of wooing people into trusting him. He says so many of the right things at a time when American people need all the hope they can get. That’s kinda scary.  He plays the race card an awful lot. It seems that when the race topic comes up, it’s always from the Obama camp and not the McCain camp. Makes me go “hmmm”.

Seasoned politician and veteran who has a history of wanting to serve his country the best way he knows how. He’s not a young whippersnapper with a lot of heady ideology; he’s got some experience on him. Palin, obviously, the first woman to get this close to the White House and that’s pretty cool in my book. She’s pretty, smart and otherwise unafriad to talk. I sense real authenticity in her and I think she and I would get along really well! We’re both kinda opinionated and “no nonesense” ladies. I think that without Palin, McCain would be floundering and with her, he’s got a great publicity edge and a sense of youth that otherwise is lost.
May as well vote for GB again and again and again. I am not crazy about the conservative view on the war or their financial package. I’m also terrifed at the thought of Palin being President, which is quite literally possible should McCain not make it through. I just don’t think she’s ready. Her biggest con for me though is the idea of splitting family and work. I am ALL IN FAVOR of working mothers, but as one, I know that there is often a choice between work and family. If she is like any mother I know well, she’ll chose work over family. I don’t want that choice to affect my future. I’m not concerned she’ll neglect her kids; she’ll neglect her job. (She looks great in the jeans she wore in Philly though!).

All that to say I think the whole thing is a load of rhetoric. All the talk, the policies and debates. All the promises, speeches and handshakes boil down to a bunch of bull*$!@ hot air. There is no way anyone could live up to the expectations placed on these people and our futures hang in their hands rather precariously.

Personally, I’d vote in a heartbeat for an OBAMA/PALIN ticket!!!

But…I don’t really care. I’m visiting the Mexican embassy to obtain my passport and new ID. It won’t matter much then. I’d rather live anywhere than here right now.