I’m Going to be a Nun until August 22nd

At which time, I’ll revert fully to my loud mouthed, politically incorrect, workin’ mamma mode.

Until then I am preparing for a vacation in Kingston Ontario where I will stalk Dan Akyroyd on my brother-in-law’s motorcycle, drink beer outside at a great bar, cook gourmet food in my sister-in-law’s kitchen and generally blow myself way outta Dodge!!!!!

I am overwhelmed right now with this spiritually heavy heart that I have. There’s no way to describe it unless you belong to a select few friends who have lived through this with me before. Then it’s called “Audrey’s Bizarreness”.  So much of I see in my little world has me on the edge of my soul’s seat and I’m not sure I’m emotionally equipped at the moment to deal with it.  I’ll have to deal sometime; this thing doesn’t usually let go until I do.

But, I figure nuns have it pretty good:

1. They can stay quiet and no one wants to know why.

2. They can chant at random times and it means something.  It means something to God and that’s all that matters.

3. They have cool head gear! Covers up all the questions about when they last got the highlights touched up.

4. They never have to have sex.

5. They don’t have to worry about what to wear.

6. They all have the names given to them by the Order instead of their parents which is decidedly cool.


No respect meant to the Sisters of the world, but lately I’ve been wondering if I wouldn’t benefit from a week away in the company of silence. Yes, you’re right, I’d go completely bonkers!!!  But my spirit might settle and get some clarification before I’m done.

I’ll check with Dan while I’m up north.


The Things We Do For Love

Three days from now, my husband will hand over the keys to his office and walk away from a job that he worked hard to get.  He’s resigning as Director of Operations for Lancaster EMS in order to take care of his family. He’s doing it because he loves us.

What a wierd week it will be. Several months ago, we realized that someone needs to be physically present in our home nearly 24/7. Not for our children as much as for Andy’s parents. So, at the beginning of 2008, I severely cut back my hours at my business with the idea of being home.  Since that time, we have struggled with what direction to take. My being home has hurt us financially and I find myself working every single minute that my husband is home in the evenings and on weekends. That leaves little breathing room to hang out as a family.

At the end of June we came to the prayerful decision (at least I prayed quite a bit!) that it would be better for Andy to be home. Financially, we’ll do better if I work full time.  Emotionally, we’ll do better if I work full time. Domestically, we’ll do better if I work full time. Frankly…I should just stay away!! No…just kidding…but….

Andy is much more disciplined about the domestic chores. I’d rather play with the kids, surf the web and hang out by the pool than do laundry, clean, cook and grocery shop. I hate it. He likes it. In fact, in anticipation of next week at home, he already went out and bought more cleaning supplies!

Anyway, I would just like to say kudos to the man who would put up with me for nearly fifteen years and be willing to put aside his career to do the right thing by his parents and his children.  I know that for some people, this is a departure from what God intended when he created man as head of household, but for us it’s the right and sane thing to do.

Thanks, Babe!