I lost my Energy

Colin laid his head on the kitchen counter. He had sleepy eyes and a heavy head. He gave a big sigh and said, “Mommy, I lost my energy.”

The kid is 3 years old! He exudes energy and pizazz! Where did his “energy” go and for that matter, how does he even know that word?

I feel like that sometimes. Today is one of those days. I lost my energy somewhere between 10 pm and 7 am and I’m unlikely to find it soon. I feel torn in multiple directions and I don’t know where to start and stop. A friend asked me the other day which hat I wear the most in my many roles. I have no idea! I’d like to pare down to two or three hats instead of six or seven, but I’m still not sure what needs to give the most yet.

All I need is a week on a beach with a cabana boy bringing me my umbrella drinks and my energy would resurface quite quickly, I am sure.


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