I Wanna Talk to Your Face!


He stood at the side of the pool dripping wet. With his little orange and blue swim suit, orange and blue life vest and a great big smile on his face, my youngest son wanted my attention! I had obviously been ignoring his constant “mommy” “Mommy” “MOMMY!” since it is a mantra I have tuned out effectively.  So, he changed it up and instead said, “I wanna talk to your face!” He reached down to where I was in the pool, put his little hands on my cheeks, brought his lips close to mine and then…gave me the biggest raspberry he could! That got my attention and I was his.

How often do we stroll through our day talking with people and not really listening to them? The constant whining and complaining all around us gets so droll and I, for one, tune it out. But, maybe they need someone to hear them for awhile. Even the petty, irritating stuff. Instead, we’re too busy holding our end of the conversation that we can’t wait for them to quit talking so we can start in.  Especially children.

I think God does that sometimes too. He wants to talk to our face. Look us in the eye. Get square with us and plant a big fat raspberry so we’ll pay attention. What does it take for us to live beyond ourselves a little and pay attention to someone else or listen more closely to what God has to say? I’ll bet that each day has a few raspberries in store if we’re willing to notice.


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  1. graceMark
    Aug 15, 2007 @ 12:59:31

    Fantastic post! I often recognize myself falling into the TUNING OUT trap with my four year old daughter. Though, during the summer, I am more tuned in I think. I teach fifth grade, so, during the school year my default setting is TUNE OUT and it takes time to switch back when I get home at the end of a day.

    I was coming to the same realization when I wrote a recent post on taking time out each day with God.

    Check it out at:



  2. sloggy
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 17:00:36

    Yes I do think I get so involved in things that I tune out people sometimes and especially needy negative people but it can help to be available to be a listening ear and can turn the negative whiny people into less negative to listen and encourage when and where possible. I find it helps to start my day with prayer for others who I know are struggling. I like to imagine Elijah laying physically on top of one who he was praying diligently for.


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