Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

So, my writing fairy disappeared about the time I started taking my class. The class ended (I got an “A” thank you very much) and we went to the beach. Somewhere down there, my writing fairy found me again. I could tell because little snippets of prose would fly through my head at the stupidest times and I didn’t have my trusty notebook to write them down. I also managed to read four whole books in the span of ten days which ain’t too bad either.

Ocean City, MD was the place to be for us and we enjoyed nearly every moment of it. Having my parents with us for the first week was wonderful. I don’t know if they’d agree, but we are glad they were there. Although they seemed to do just as much babysitting there as here, somehow it seemed more relaxed to do it in their condo rather than at home.

For me, vacation requires reflection on things in my life. Unconsciously, little thoughts and ideas spring forth when my brain isn’t working overtime on mundane daily life stuff, and I found myself evaluating our little family, my own reactions and actions, my goals and dreams. Topping the list of dreams while we were there stood the plan to somehow afford to buy a house at the beach and just staying whenever we want. Hmmm.

My kids are beach bums. At least Erin and Colin are. Erin came home sporting a hair wrap and a henna tattoo of a Yin Yang on her ankle. My little hippy chick. Love it. Colin found places to hide sand on his person that he didn’t know were there; he is the consumate sand castle smasher! Liam is too much on the move to stop and get comfy, but spent his spare time watching the softball tournaments in the park next to our condo. His favorite part was when the players got mad enough to curse. That always brought grins to his face!

Now we’re out of Margaritaville and back to reality. Bronzed, tired and happy that we went.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. David
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 14:21:55

    Glad you and the writing fairy are back!


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