My Theology

Here are the results from my quiz. I took this a few months ago and then again this morning after reading someone else’s results on their site. Interesting stuff. Give it a try and let me know where you come in:

<> You scored as Neo orthodox, You are neo-orthodox. You reject the human-centredness and scepticism of liberal theology, but neither

do you go to the other extreme and make the Bible the central issue for faith.

You believe that Christ is God’s most important revelation to humanity,

and the Trinity is hugely important in your theology. The Bible is also

 important because it points us to the revelation of Christ.

Neo orthodox
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Roman Catholic
Reformed Evangelical
Classical Liberal
Modern Liberal

What’s your theological worldview?
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I Wanna Talk to Your Face!


He stood at the side of the pool dripping wet. With his little orange and blue swim suit, orange and blue life vest and a great big smile on his face, my youngest son wanted my attention! I had obviously been ignoring his constant “mommy” “Mommy” “MOMMY!” since it is a mantra I have tuned out effectively.  So, he changed it up and instead said, “I wanna talk to your face!” He reached down to where I was in the pool, put his little hands on my cheeks, brought his lips close to mine and then…gave me the biggest raspberry he could! That got my attention and I was his.

How often do we stroll through our day talking with people and not really listening to them? The constant whining and complaining all around us gets so droll and I, for one, tune it out. But, maybe they need someone to hear them for awhile. Even the petty, irritating stuff. Instead, we’re too busy holding our end of the conversation that we can’t wait for them to quit talking so we can start in.  Especially children.

I think God does that sometimes too. He wants to talk to our face. Look us in the eye. Get square with us and plant a big fat raspberry so we’ll pay attention. What does it take for us to live beyond ourselves a little and pay attention to someone else or listen more closely to what God has to say? I’ll bet that each day has a few raspberries in store if we’re willing to notice.

Discrimination Comes in All Sizes

During a conversation with a friend two days ago, I was struck again by the injustice and unfairness in the world. The word “discrimination” came to mind.  Largely associated with minority groups, the poor and handicapped, discrimination reared its ugly head during our talk. She was near tears when she spoke. Only, she isn’t poor or handicapped. She is a white, upper class mother of three. She happens to be married to a man whose family name brings to mind great wealth in this community. Consequently, people assume they have a stash of cash in the basement and can afford anything and everything they want. She doesn’t like to tell people her whole name when she meets them; she kept it from her hairdresser for months!  Her family lives in a large home and owns a lot of “stuff”.  Her address embarrasses her because everyone knows THAT house! Her kids are teased because of who they are and finding real friendships is, I am sure, difficult for all of them.  Does someone want to be their friend because of their toys or because of their amazingly sweet personalities?

She described to me how people will charge her more for things than they would otherwise because they assume she has the extra cash.  A landscape estimate that would cost Joe Average $2000 comes to $4000 for this family.  They have worked hard for what they have, yet live on one salary that is no more or less than anyone associated with the degree and job her husband holds. He just happens to have a name tied to the company he works with and the assumption is that he earns boatloads more than anyone else. It’s just not true. They have made smart purchases and worked their way to where they are. Just like me, discount groceries and dented cans are part of the process and she has scraped by on nothing in the bank during her marriage like most of the rest of us. No silver spoon here; hard work alone. She drives an 8 year old car and loves it. Smart lady!

Her hurt was obvious. She wants to be known for who she is not the name she carries. She wants others to look past the material and see that they are really a simple family with the same struggles we all have. Mothering three children, running a household, cooking, cleaning, cleaning up dog poop all come with her territory. Sound familiar? The unfair advantage they are assumed to have just doesn’t exist. Why must we stereotype the people with seem to have it all and treat them differently? Why should they pay more for something? Who says they have more?

Assumptions are astoundingly stupid thoughts and get us in trouble every time. My dear friend trusts no one easily; why should she?

I, for one, am proud to know her. Not because she lives in a big house or has a plasma screen.  She could live in a ditch for all I care and I’d still like her.  She is an honest, loving, kind and beautiful woman who wants to do the best she can with what she has for those she loves.

Would we were all a little more like that.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

So, my writing fairy disappeared about the time I started taking my class. The class ended (I got an “A” thank you very much) and we went to the beach. Somewhere down there, my writing fairy found me again. I could tell because little snippets of prose would fly through my head at the stupidest times and I didn’t have my trusty notebook to write them down. I also managed to read four whole books in the span of ten days which ain’t too bad either.

Ocean City, MD was the place to be for us and we enjoyed nearly every moment of it. Having my parents with us for the first week was wonderful. I don’t know if they’d agree, but we are glad they were there. Although they seemed to do just as much babysitting there as here, somehow it seemed more relaxed to do it in their condo rather than at home.

For me, vacation requires reflection on things in my life. Unconsciously, little thoughts and ideas spring forth when my brain isn’t working overtime on mundane daily life stuff, and I found myself evaluating our little family, my own reactions and actions, my goals and dreams. Topping the list of dreams while we were there stood the plan to somehow afford to buy a house at the beach and just staying whenever we want. Hmmm.

My kids are beach bums. At least Erin and Colin are. Erin came home sporting a hair wrap and a henna tattoo of a Yin Yang on her ankle. My little hippy chick. Love it. Colin found places to hide sand on his person that he didn’t know were there; he is the consumate sand castle smasher! Liam is too much on the move to stop and get comfy, but spent his spare time watching the softball tournaments in the park next to our condo. His favorite part was when the players got mad enough to curse. That always brought grins to his face!

Now we’re out of Margaritaville and back to reality. Bronzed, tired and happy that we went.