What a Tangled Web We Weave

It’s been a long time since I posted. I simply haven’t felt like it and probably should not have freely added my thoughts to the internet at times over the past few weeks. Suffice it to say; things are never the way we think they are. Nor the way we wish they were.

But, thank God, I am not Anna Nicole Smith, her family or friends. Thank God I do not watch American Idol. Thank God I like to read fiction because it’s so much more believable than most of the carp that is out there! (I do not mean to ridicule those of you who DO watch American Idol, I just find it to be like an organized circus and rather silly). I think there have been one too many media trainwrecks lately and we need a good dose of political or inspirational news to make us think. We run the risk of turning dumb.

My pain is getting better at times. Most of the time, though, I haven’t noticed a great improvement over my pain prior to surgery. I’m told that may take another two months. It actually hurts in a whole new way now! I’m told I should lie down and rest for the next six weeks. They’re nuts! Perhaps if I won the lottery and then turned into an entirely different person who LIKED to lie around, that would work. It’s simply impossible on a number of levels. So…I learn to be patient about pain and wait for the day sometime this summer when I might not hurt. It’s the complete exhaustion I wasn’t prepared for! They didn’t tell me about that!

I don’t want to end on a complaining note; I’m really not complaining. I find that each day I wake up ready to do better and enough of the time I do. I have great plans and goals and hopes for this year. My family is in for a ride towards something deeper and greater than we know. It’s starting already. It’s fun.

And no, Jim, I do not wear my blue pointy shoes right now! That’ll wait for August.


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