Achievement Awards

I am so proud of my son! Liam earned the “Fritz Achievement Award” on Friday. The school gives this out to kids who exhibit respect, responsiblity and something else I can’t remember.

Anyway, Friday morning, this kid was scrambling to finish his homework; he had forgotten it the night before while being wrapped up in helping his Dad take care of Colin at a meeting, so it’s forgivable. Math was involved and this child is lousy at Math-in-a-hurry. He was getting really frustrated and can quite nicely beat himself up over nothing, but he got it done on the way to school. (Nearly a 90 second drive!). Completeing this assignment was crucial to achieving the award and he made it!!

How cool to get an award and then be able to clip the little thing to your backpack!

I wondered today what my achievement awards look like. I know that a couple of them have really beautiful blue eyes; one has an adorable dimpled little butt; one can’t leave the house in the morning without her “good morning hug” and those are the best ever! I can’t clip them to my backpack but I can carefully take them with me when I walk through my life.

Each season of my life will bring new achievement awards. (Maybe one day a book with my name on the cover!) Hopefully they’ll all be for respect, responsibility and that other thing I can’t remember.


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  1. Anonymous
    Jan 22, 2007 @ 14:03:11

    That was a very interesting blog. The part where you said The one with the dimpled little butt was very creative. Was the one who couldn’t leave withuot her goodmorning hug Erin Grace Gilger. I thik i’m realated to her, but thats just me. Liam Andrew Gilger, your possible son.


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