Pure Joy in All Things

I met an amazing kid a few months ago. He is eight years old and one of the smallest eight year olds I know. He doesn’t have a lot of coordination, his speech is sometimes a little hard to understand and he isn’t all that great at the game of basketball. That’s where I met him, when I was helping to coach my son’s basketball team. This young man was one of our seven players.

Like I said, basketball isn’t his thing, and I am not sure that any sport will be. His shots were “granny shots” to say the least, and he had a hard time dribbling without the ball getting ahead of him and then landing on the court, knees first. But he had FUN and didn’t give up! When one of his shots made it through the net, the smile on his face just lit up the room! When he got the ball in hand, his determination was something we could all use! He just kept going and going and going.

Most of the other boys were going for fancy three pointers and under the leg dribbling during practice, but this little one just plodded along. He improved a little by the end of the season, not a lot, and didn’t make any amazing plays or dunk shots.

He did, however, change my life a little.

If I could for just one moment, be that joyful in my life, I would give my weight in lollipops to know what that feels like. His joy, even when he was frustrated, he had a joy that eminated out of him. Life is really simple…just give it all you’ve got and have fun with it!


Pain is a Pain

I have no idea how much longer I can put up with the physical pain my body is in. The only time I really feel good is when I am doing something physical/mental at the same time. Otherwise, the past few days, this pain has gotten intensely worse.

I am now told that I have to have surgery. Financially, emotionally and physically, that is the absolute last thing I want to do! But, after putting this off for 13 years now, it is time. I only wish I could wait until summer was over, but I don’t know if I can.

I am also pretty sure that unless I go back to school for four years, I will not be able to function as a nurse in this county any longer. The only jobs open at the moment for LPNs are those in long term care or doctor’s offices. I cannot physically do the work of a long term care nurse, nor do I want to, that isn’t my strong suit. I would love to work at the doctor’s office full time, but wouldn’t be happy there for the next 30 years either. These are my dilemmas.

So, a career change is in the wind. Something else that I have always wanted to do besides write. I already know how to sell things, so maybe a sales career. I’d enjoy that immensely. Something to help pay the bills, and something I’d love doing at the same time.

Who knows? I only hope that my God sees fit to make the way clear with the greatest of ease. I could really use a break!